Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Why Belgium?

At NCR, John A Dick ( a retired historical theologian and resident of Belgium)_asks the question, "Why should it be Belgium, why has it become the latest location to explode in the clergy sex abuse scandal?"

Exploring the issues, he concludes that there are four contributory factors:

  • The authorities have reacted speedily to the matter of child abuse, to which they have been extra sensitive since the Marc Dutroux affair.
  • Today, there is a growing demand for transparency.
  • There is an intense awareness of the state of the church across Europe, and the intense scrutiny of the church everywhere on matters of abuse.
  • The person of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, former archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, who Dick suggests is the subject of a personal vendetta by "certain persons", who are said to be using the abuse problem in the church to besmirch his reputation. For what reason, the post does not make clear.

(Read the full analysis at NCR)

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