Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Zealand Police Investigating Church Abuse

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Former Police Commissioner John Jamieson is investigating five cases of historic sex abuse allegations against members of the Catholic Church in New Zealand.
The inquiries come as the church worldwide is rocked by allegations of child sex crimes committed by clergy.
Accusations have been directed at the highest level with the Vatican denying Pope Benedict XVI was involved in covering up some of the crimes.
This week the Catholic Archbishop of Wellington John Dew said he had apologised to church members for the "humiliation, embarrassment and disappointment" resulting from continuing reports of child abuse by priests in several countries.
"I think as more revelations come to light and people hear of that, it has put the church in a crisis," he said.
Archbishop Dew said the situation had been made even worse as church members heard that the cases may have been mishandled.
"That's why I wanted to say something to the people," he said.

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